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Frequently asked questions

Forever! Lickd licenses are generally granted in perpetuity so there’s no danger of your video ever being taken down. (Yay!)

Absolutely, yes! Lickd is the first copyrighted music licensing platform that allows you to use great music AND avoid demonetization, with built-in protection from copyright claims.

As a YouTube partner, we integrate directly into YouTube’s Content ID to tell YouTube you’ve got permission to use a track. If YouTube still decides to put a claim on your video, we’re able to squash it’s ugly little head for you, so you have nothing to worry about.

Once you’ve purchased a license from Lickd, you’ll get an Mp3 download which you can then add to your video using your video editing software. 

When you’re ready to upload your video to YouTube, include your license attribution in your video description and upload your video as “Unlisted” with plenty of time before you need your video to go public. This allows VOUCH to clear any claims for you (usually within 30 minutes), or for our dedicated music support team to jump in and clear any claims for you.

Our ‘premium’ copyrighted music licenses do not permit the songs to be used for lyric videos or by themselves as an ‘art track’ (for example, with just an image of the album artwork, a black screen, static images, stock footage, etc).

That’s because our licenses have been created for those who need background music for their original video content. The type of videos described above are deemed not to use songs as background music for content, but simply as a way for viewers to stream the song itself. This is copyright infringement and therefore cannot be covered by our licenses. This restriction also concerns AI-generated lyric videos.